GD350A Series

Goodrive350A Inverters
Based on DSP control system, Goodrive350A inverters apply V/f vector , Sensorless vector control and various
protections to control asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motor.


The features of the Goodrive350A Inverters are as follows:
High performance

  1. More Accurate Motor Autotuning;
  2. Advanced open loop and close loop vector control
  3. Perfect voltage and current control, reducing the fault protection times;
    1. Multiple braking modes and instant stopping.


  • เหมาะสำหรับอุตสาหกรรมต่างๆ

Reliable quality certificated

  1. The product design follows IEC national standards and passes the CE test certification;
    Each Goodrive350A inverter has past the test certification.
  2. Advanced thermal technology makes exact thermal design;
  3. Wide voltage range meets the requirement of grid environment;
  4. Perfect and reliable test system ensure products adapt complicated site environments.

INVT is the only manufacturer achieved ACT certificate of TÜV SÜD .The full name of ACT is Acceptance of Client’s Testing, which means the German TÜV SÜD admit the technology level of the lab and accept their separate testing data and test reports officially.

Multi-function with simple operation

  1. Separate Air-duct;
  2. Multiple installation modes;
  3. Optional built-in C3 input filters, optional external C2 filters;
  4. Book structure;
  5. The rivet design ensures reliable integration connection;
  6. Smaller Size;
  7. Can be external keypadsis available for inverters all model swappable keypads are standard for inverters
  8. High Performance LCD Keypad
  9. Embedded braking units of 0.75-37kW inverters, Reduce the occupied space and decrease the cost;
  10. Supporting common DC bus; built-in DC reactor 18 – 110 kW
  11. Available on DC power supply;
  12. Function of water supply.
  13. Option card (I/O Card, PLC card , Communication Card , PG Card)



Function Specification
Input Input voltage (V) AC 3PH 400V±15%
Input current (A) Refer to the rated value
Input frequency (Hz) 50Hz or 60Hz
Allowed range: 47~63Hz
Output Output voltage (V) 0~input voltage
Output frequency (Hz) 0~400Hz
Technical control feature Control mode V/F
Motor type Asynchronous motor / Permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Speed ratio Asynchronous motor 1:200 (SVC) / Synchronous motor 1 20 (SVC) , 1:1000 (VC)
Overload capability G type:
150% of rated current: 1 minute
P type:
120% of rated current: 1 minute
Running control feature Frequency setting Digital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, multi-step speed running setting, simple PLC setting, PID setting, MODBUS communication setting.
Realize the shifting between the set combination and set channel.
Auto voltage adjustment Keep a stable voltage automatically when the grid voltage transients
Fault protection Provide over 30 fault protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, phase loss and overload, etc.
Speed tracking Restart the rotating motor smoothly
Peripheral interface Terminal analog input resolution ≤10mV
Terminal switch input resolution ≤ 2ms
Analog input 2 channels (AI1) 0~10V/0~20mA , (AI2) -10~10V
Analog output 1 channels (AO1) 0~10V /0~20mA
Digital input 4 channels common input, the Max. frequency: 1kHz
2 channel high speed input, the Max. frequency:  50kHz
Digital output 1 channel high speed pulse output, the Max. frequency: 50kHz;
1 channel Y terminal open collector pole output
Relay output 2 channels programmable relay output
RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C common terminal
RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C common terminal
Contactor capability: 3A/AC250V,1A/DC30V
Others Mountable method Wall, flange and floor mountable
Temperature of the running environment -10~50℃, derate above 40℃
Ingress protection IP20
Cooling Air-cooling
Braking unit Built-in braking unit for below 37G/45P (including 37G/45P)
External braking unit for others
DC reactor built-in for 18G/22P to 110G/132P
EMC filter Optional built-in C3 filter: meet the degree requirement of IEC61800-3 C3
Optional external filter ,meet the degree requirement of IEC61800-3 C2


Power ratings And Dimension

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